Tax support for international companies in Germany

If you have chosen Germany, and in particular Berlin, as the new or an additional location for your business, then you’ll be able to profit from our many years of experience in providing tax advice primarily to German subsidiaries of international companies.

Tax support for international companies in Germany

From a start-up in Germany to ongoing tax support

New start-up with reliable tax support from the word go

To ensure that your planned start-up does not fail because you are unfamiliar with German tax law, let us support and guide you in all tax issues relating to the start-up phase right from the first step of establishing your business in Germany…

This begins with providing advice in the search for a tax-optimised legal form in Germany.
Once you have found this, we will handle all necessary registrations in the start-up phase of the company that are required for the proper tax classification of your company in Germany.

This includes applying to the tax office for the issuance of a German tax number, applying to the Federal Central Tax Office for the issuance of a German VAT identification number (VAT ID), applying to the health insurance funds for the timely registration and payroll accounting of your employees etc. and coordinating all the necessary work.

Ongoing tax support from a team with extensive experience

To ensure that you yourself do not have to handle and/or monitor the many different processes that are required in Germany, let us act for you with reliability and commitment…

We will handle the monthly accounts, the advance VAT returns and the payroll accounting for you, including all applications to the tax office and the health insurance funds. The monthly reports that have to be sent to the tax office and health insurance funds will submitted entirely electronically, after which we will inform you accordingly.
At the end of the financial year, we will prepare the necessary annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and notes) and the various tax returns and submit them to the tax office (likewise electronically). The same applies for the depositing and publication of your annual financial statements on the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger).

For your peace of mind, you are also welcome to grant us authority to receive documents on your behalf and represent you with the tax office from the start. In that case we will receive all post from the tax office, health insurance fund and employer’s liability insurance association on your behalf and can also recommend straight away how you should respond to it. We will, of course, forward to you in full all post that we receive from the tax office for you. You will also receive a copy of all letters and emails that we send to the tax office on your behalf, ensuring you are kept fully informed.

If you need specific monthly results for your business activities, let us also prepare individual reports to suit your requirements. These may, for instance, concern reports to the parent company or integration into a reporting entity within the group. We can also assist in the calculation of specific key ratios for you.

Finally, we will tailor our schedule to suit your needs. If, for instance, you need an analysis at a particular fixed point in time, you can be sure that we will put it firmly on our schedule.

Assumption of tax advice for existing business operations

Even if your business is already registered for tax in Germany and you are already carrying on business activities, as the work proceeds it sometimes turns out that the assistance of a tax consultant is essential. Here too, we can provide reliable and individual help that will allow you to go on concentrating on your core business

  • With individual advice on specific tax problems
  • By taking on the regular accounting operation and all other recurring tax obligations, even during the financial year, quickly and with a minimum of fuss
  • By catching up on the tax and accounting work of previous years if this has not yet been completed
  • With help in the event of problems with the tax office

We're happy to do everything in English and in any way

Communication by email has proven to be the simplest method, particularly when it comes to overcoming time lags of several hours, whether with the USA or Australia.

All analyses, reports and where necessary opinions that you need can also be sent to you in English on the chosen date.

Should it be necessary to talk to you briefly face-to-face in the event of particular problems or issues, a video conference can be easily arranged at short notice at any time.

Our central location by Berlin-Friedrichstraße railway station means you can reach us quickly and easily using the airport express service (FEX) from Berlin Brandenburg Airport or by urban rail (S-Bahn) from Berlin’s main railway station. If necessary, we are also happy to schedule a weekend appointment by prior arrangement.

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