Internationally active companies in Germany

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So that you, as a foreigner or foreign company, can go about your business in Germany without having to worry, and also have nothing to fear from the German tax authorities, we support you in fulfilling your tax obligations in Germany.

This is what we do for you:

International tax advisor in Berlin

Everything can be done online and in English

If you would like to operate from abroad, or indeed have to, and need tax consultation/assistance in Germany, then...

  • we would be pleased to communicate with you online, via e-mail or on the telephone

    this includes:
    • accepting the order
    • sending receipts, receiving evaluations, asking questions and getting the answers
    • receiving tax returns and assessments

  • with us you can do everything in English

    this includes:
    • receiving tax assessments, reporting, annual financial statements - all in English

  • Give us power of attorney to take delivery and powers of representation vis à vis the tax office

    and we will:
    • receive all correspondence from the tax office on your behalf
    • pass this on to you and
    • then we can suggest to you what steps should be taken

Tax consultation and help with establishing branch offices or subsidiaries in Germany

If you would like to be sure that your taxes are in order right from the very beginning, even though you do not know your way around the German tax law jungle, then...

  • we take the first steps with you

    • we advise you on choosing the legal form
    • assess the relationships to abroad
    • work out ways to avoid international double taxation
    • set up the bookkeeping and wage accounting systems
    • register the company and also register with the tax office
    • advise you on VAT matters and issuing invoices

  • finally, we undertake to provide you with continuous, all-round tax support

All-round tax support for companies and freelancers in Germany

If you would like to be sure that all tax regulations and tax office deadlines in Germany are reliably adhered to, then...

  • we deal with your regular bookkeeping from A to Z

    • advance tax returns
    • reporting to the parent company, to banks, or on subsidies
    • open item accounting
    • dunning

  • we deal with your regular wage and salary accounting

    • all regular and annual returns to the tax office and social insurance carriers
    • annual tax certificates for your staff
    • the management of your staff's payroll accounts
    • provision of the monthly pay calculations

  • we prepare your annual financial statement in accordance with German law and the IFRS

    • the utilization of accounting options and accounting alternatives (accounting policy)
    • a certificate from the tax consultant concerning the annual financial statement
    • evaluation according to various indicators, e.g. for banks, shareholders and/or capital providers/investors, subject to agreement
    • notes to the annual financial statement, subject to agreement

  • we prepare your business tax returns (VAT, trade tax, corporation tax, separate determination for income tax)

    • examination of all possibilities for favourable, transnational taxation
    • the avoidance of double taxation
    • the utilization of all possible tax advantages in Germany

Tax consultation and help with private investments in Germany

If you would like (e.g.) to purchase and lease property in Germany, or have already done so, but are not yourself able to attend to your tax obligations in Germany from a distance, then...

  • we advise you on tax questions relating to purchasing and selling property in Germany
  • we undertake to prepare your tax returns in Germany on your behalf

    • determination of profits
    • preparation of the income tax return (also in the case of limited tax liability in Germany)
    • examination of all tax options in your favour and the consequences for taxation in your country of origin
    • preparation of regular advance VAT returns if you lease with VAT

  • we check to see if it is necessary to adjust your tax prepayments
    and then, in consultation with you, we submit appropriate applications for adjustment
  • You can also entrust us with the examination of tax assessments and, if necessary, the lodging of appeals

VAT consultation and support in Germany

If you, as a foreign company, operate in Germany but do not have a branch office here, and you are unsure whether you have to fulfill VAT obligations in Germany, then...

  • we will be pleased to examine the VAT consequences of your business transactions in Germany

    this includes:
    • a written statement

  • we will help you to get back the VAT in Germany

    • application for VAT refunds in Germany

  • On your behalf, we apply for a German tax number and prepare the monthly advance VAT returns in Germany
Income tax

Sample evaluation income tax (PDF 14 KB)


Sample calculation Wage (PDF 13 KB)

Evaluations bookkeeping

Sample evaluation bookkeeping (PDF 79 KB) Sample evaluation bookkeeping (PDF 32 KB)

Financial statement

Sample annual financial statement (German, PDF 145 KB)