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Filling in burdensome tax declarations is a waste of your valuable time. That's why we not only take care of your annual tax returns, but also give you the assurance that you have made full use of all the tax benefits available to you. You will only have to pay what is absolutely necessary in taxes.

This is what we do for you:

Tax advisor for private persons in Berlin

Prepare your annual income tax returns

If you have previously completed your annual income tax returns yourself, but have since lost track of the numerous tax changes that have been introduced, then...

  • together, we can examine which tax benefits you are entitled to

    • whether you can claim for the use of a home office
    • how you can claim for your personal passenger car costs
    • how you can deduct day care centre costs, or expenditure for a babysitter
    • whether it is better for a married couple to submit a tax return jointly or individually
    • etc.

  • then we prepare your annual tax declaration

    based on the receipts and records you have given us,
    • the determination of all types of income
      (from your work as an employee, from leasing, from capital assets, from pensions etc)
    • your projected tax liabilities or tax refunds

If you have never submitted a tax declaration before, but now would like to know if you are obliged to do so, and if so, what you are likely to expect, then...

  • we examine your tax reporting obligations and calculate the taxes for you

Everything connected to abroad

If, as a German citizen, you have income from abroad, or as a foreigner you have income from Germany and/or would like to relocate either from or to Germany, or have already done so, then...

  • we advise you on how you can avoid double taxation (in Germany and abroad)

    einschließlich der Prüfung Ihres Falles:
    • including the examination of your circumstances
    • in accordance with the double taxation agreement or decree on employment abroad
    • with regard to your tax reporting obligations in Germany

Tax consultation before, after, or in the event of changes to your personal circumstances

If these keywords are relevant for you, or could become so; job change, change of residence, marriage, birth, divorce, or death of a family member, then...

  • we advise you on the tax consequences

    • the possibility of deducting costs for double households
    • projected tax benefits in the case of joint assessment
    • the optimal assessment basis for your parental allowance
    • the tax deductibility of divorce costs
    • etc.

Tax consultation before, after, or when making private investments

If you (e.g.) intend to purchase, lease or sell property, or have already done so, then...

  • we advise you on the tax consequences

    • the determination of your income from renting out and leasing
    • the search for tax benefits when purchasing property
    • the determination of any possible tax payable on the purchase

Help with problems with the tax office

If you (e.g.) have completed your tax declaration yourself and have the feeling that you have been fleeced after reading your tax assessment from the tax office, then...

  • within the normal time limits we examine whether you can get even more out of the assessment
  • detect the mistakes made by the tax office
  • we argue with the tax office on your behalf
  • then we take the matter up with the tax office and pass on the objection you have raised

If the tax office has threatened you with seizure, or you have received demands for payment which you cannot work out, then...

  • we take corrective action and advise you on the next steps to take

Preparation of other statements

If (e.g.) your new landlord insists on having an income statement, you would like to apply for a parental allowance, or are of the opinion that you are not required to submit any further tax declarations, then...

  • we prepare an income statement for you
  • determine your assessment basis for parental allowance
  • and examine the possibility of applying to the tax office for a non-assessment certificate

Communication with the tax office on your behalf

o If you do not wish to have direct contact with the tax office, then...

  • we examine and monitor how the tax office is dealing with your case
  • Give us power of attorney to take delivery and powers of representation vis à vis the tax office

    and we will:
    • receive all correspondence from the tax office on your behalf
    • pass this on to you and
    • then we can suggest to you what steps should be taken

  • Everything can be done online
    • Send receipts
    • receive statements and assessments
    • ask questions and get the answers
Tax declarations

Sample income tax declaration (German, PDF 77 KB) Sample wage tax certificate (German, PDF 180 KB)


Sample applications (German, PDF 7 KB)

Tax calculations

Sample tax calculation (German, PDF 11 KB)