Tax consultancy for companies

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So that you are free to think about your core business, we support you in fulfilling your extensive and manifold obligations under tax and commercial law, as well as in preparing business decisions.

Please feel especially invited, if you act as GmbH or Ltd., GmbH & Co. KG, OHG, KG or GbR/BGB company, sole proprietor or other independent tradesman.

This is what we do for you:

Tax advisor for companies in Berlin

Regular bookkeeping and controlling

If you would like to be sure that all tax deadlines are reliably adhered to and you get the up-to-date figures for your corporate management, then...

  • we deal with your regular bookkeeping from A to Z

    • advance tax returns
    • business management assessments
    • open item accounting
    • dunning

If you do the regular bookkeeping yourself but would still like to be sure that everything is in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, dann...

  • we monitor your bookkeeping at agreed intervals
  • and/or we will be on hand to answer any individual questions that your bookkeepers may have
  • Everything can be done online:
    • Send receipts
    • receive evaluations
    • ask questions and get the answers

Wage and salary accounting

o If you would like to be sure that the pay slips for your staff are dealt with punctually and in compliance with the law, without missing any reporting deadlines at the tax office or health insurance companies, then...

  • we deal with your regular wage and salary accounting

    • all regular and annual returns to the tax office and social insurance carriers
    • annual tax certificates for your staff
    • the management of your staff's payroll accounts
    • provision of the monthly pay calculations

If you would like to optimize your labour costs and/or extend your workforce, or restructure, then...

  • we prepare decision-making aids for you

    in the form of:
    • wage calculations in advance
    • alternative budgets
    • cost variations
    • comparison of payment alternatives in the case of new appointments

You can also entrust us with the preparation of further statements and applications...

  • e.g.:
    • wage slip for the employers' liability insurance association
    • immediate notification of new employees
    • income statement for the employment office
    • Applications for refund in cases of illness

Annual financial statements and other financial statements

o If you would like to be sure that your annual financial statement is in accordance with the current provisions under tax and commercial law, and at the same time presents your company in as positive a manner as possible, then...

  • we prepare your annual financial statement in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) and tax law

    • the utilization of accounting options and accounting alternatives (accounting policy)
    • the tax consultant's certificate
    • evaluation according to various indicators, (e.g.) for banks, shareholders and/or capital providers/investors, subject to agreement
    • notes to the annual financial statement, subject to agreement

If you are under an obligation to disclose, then...

  • we undertake to publish your annual financial statement in the German Federal Gazette

    with the minimum information so that your competitors can glean as little as possible from your annual financial statement

You can also entrust us with the preparation of monthly, quarterly or multi-annual statements.

Business tax returns

If you would like to be sure that you have made full use of all the tax benefits available to you and so only pay what is absolutely necessary in taxes, then...

  • we prepare your business tax returns (VAT, trade tax, corporation tax, separate determination for income tax)

    while examining all tax options in your favour, or, if necessary, on the basis of a tax balance sheet which differs from the statutory result

If your current economic development differs from that of the previous year(s), then...

  • we check to see if it is necessary to adjust your tax prepayments

    and then, in consultation with you, we submit appropriate applications for adjustment

You can also entrust us with the examination of tax assessments and, if necessary, the lodging of appeals.

Business management consulting and tax consulting

If you would like to make larger investments or restructure your company, or if you have an isolated tax problem, then...

  • we advise you from a tax and business management perspective on selective individual questions, as and when required

    • when buying and/or selling property in company assets
    • in the case of business expansion, we advise you on choosing the most favourable legal form through comparative calculations
    • in comparing tax burdens we answer your VAT questions concerning the export and import of goods and services

Help with setting up a new business

If you would like to begin business and need help right from the start, then...

  • We take the first steps with you

    • applying for a business start-up allowance
    • advising on the choice of legal form
    • setting up a bookkeeping system
    • registering the business and registering with the tax office
    • advising you on VAT matters and issuing invoices

Help with tax office audits

If the tax office has contacted you to carry out an audit, or you have already received an audit report and do not know what you have to accept, then...

  • we examine and monitor what the tax office is doing

    • we prepare for the audit together with you
    • select the documents to be submitted to the auditor
    • keep in constant contact with the auditor
    • take part in the final discussion
    • examine the audit report and, if necessary, raise objections
    • examine the tax assessments on the basis of the audit and lodge appeals, if necessary
Evaluations bookkeeping

Evaluation sample bookkeeping (German, PDF 137 KB)Detailed sample evaluation bookkeeping (German, PDF 133 KB)

Annual financial statement

Evaluation sample annual financial statement  (German, PDF 141 KB) Evaluation sample annual financial statement  (German, PDF 145 KB)


Evaluation sample wage (German, PDF 177 KB)